Keeping your patients, customers and staff free from harmful bacteria and viruses

Similar to doctors surgeries, vets see many pets during a day, each with the potential to carry or spread bacteria to other pets and owners. High volumes of pets and owners will be in places like the waiting area, kennel areas and of course examination rooms, each of which should be protected by the best cleaning products such as Sanondaf which can effectively disinfect all surface areas.

Why use Sanondaf infection prevention treatment?
Our unique fogging and spraying technology is routinely used in the NHS and care sector and is now available for veterinary and animal welfare practice.

Our touch-less infection prevention treatment uses a hospital grade, dry disinfectant mist meaning you can disinfect all spaces, areas and equipment, including bedding and soft fabrics with a single cost effective solution.

Our infection prevention treatment is independently tested and approved to kill a wide variety of gram negative, gram positive, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Sanondaf is also effective against mutating viruses because it works in three ways to kill microorganisms. Other leading disinfectants kill in only one way making them ineffective against mutating viruses. Our process is highly effective against bacteria, mould and fungi.

Sanondaf KILLS 99.99% of:
Staphylococcus aureus; Parvovirus; Felines Calicvirus; Mycobacterium smegmatis; Candida albicans; Orthopox Virus; Aspergillus niger; Enterovirus Polio 1; Bacillus subtilis; Acinetobacter

Treatment areas: Reception Desk and Waiting Room • Pet Grooming Areas • Toilets • Examination Rooms • Sinks and Toilets • Kennels