Are you losing your competitive edge to germs?

Employees work in close proximity to each other sharing spaces, equipment and work tasks. This kind of interaction encourages person-to-person and surface contact to person transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Why use Sanondaf Infection prevention and decontamination treatment?
Using our infection prevention treatment can control the spread of illness-causing bacteria, viruses and germs in your workplace by killing them on the surfaces where they live before spread to your staff and customers.

How many sick days can your business afford?
Workers in the United Kingdom miss an average of 1.5 days per year because of flu alone – this costs businesses £9 billion in lost productivity annually.

According to a recent study of germs in the workplace the average office desk harbours over 10 million germs – over 400 times more than the average toilet seat! Protect your workplace and employees and halt the spread of germs by using Sanondaf infection prevention treatment in high traffic areas such as: Reception halls, Kitchens and Cafeterias; Toilets and Changing rooms; Break-out rooms; Cloakrooms and Locker rooms; Conference rooms.

Computers and electrical equipment
Sanondaf infection prevention treatment can be used on electrical equipment such as Computers and keyboards, Printers, Telephones and Light switches – all places where bacteria builds up from multi-person use and often get forgotten!

Treatment areas: All Offices & Staff Rooms • Call Centres • Telephones • Keyboards • Computer Screens • Conference & Meeting Rooms • Elevators