Keeping your guests, customers and staff healthy!

Hotel rooms will typically be used by numerous people throughout a single year, from anywhere in the world. This means that hotels are susceptible to passing an enormous amount of bacteria and germs all the time. Not only does Sanondaf effectively eradicate germs, it also eliminates unpleasant smells.

So why use Sanondaf?
Hotels need to strive for maximum capacity meaning the same hotel room is used by numerous clients week to week, month to month. Due to the diversity of clients hotel rooms can contain an enormous amount of bacteria and germs. Some rooms unavoidably may also contain a trace of some clients such as cigarette smoke. Using our infection prevention treatment regularly ensures that the new patron finds a healthy environment whilst unpleasant smells have been eliminated.

Time is money
Your guests need the reassurance that their room is not just clean but virtually germ free. Bathroom sinks, bath tubs, showers and toilets are known harbingers of infectious germs but most people don’t consider other things that are frequently touched such as the TV remote control, phone handle, door handles and much more. Microbiology studies indicate that the TV remote control is the most germ-laden surface in the entire room!

Sanondaf infection prevention and decontamination treatment allows virtually all surfaces to be sanitised including electrical equipment, soft furnishings, furniture and more.

Hotel treatment areas include: Guest rooms; Hotel lobbies; Conference rooms; Restaurants, Spas, Gym and workout facilties; Locker rooms; Games rooms