With a huge number – almost 100,000 patients – dying each year from infections picked up in hospitals, Sanondaf disinfectant solutions are particularly important to this industry. As hospitals are vast with a range of specialist equipment and various surface areas, it’s notoriously difficult to effectively disinfect the whole building. However our innovative UK cleaning solution reaches areas where traditional cleaning methods cannot, and is proven to eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our infection prevention and decontamination service is quick and affordable and uses the latest innovative, leading edge hydrogen peroxide fogging and electrostatic spraying system, combined with a patented and approved disinfectant, SanoChem.

So why use Sanondaf?
Every surface disinfected – wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling
Kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses
Safe on computers and electronic equipment
Safe on fabrics and soft furnishings
No odours or residues
Environmentally friendly
Minimum disruption to business

We can help you to: Minimise infection risk; Provide a healthier environment; assist with CQC compliance; Enhance patient confidence; Enhance patient and staff well-being

Areas of hospitals we cover include:
Patient Rooms & General Wards • Accident and Emergency Dept. • Operating Theatres • Pre & Post Op • Reception & Waiting Rooms • Equipment Storage Rooms