Nurseries, Crèche facilities, Pre & After School Clubs and Soft Play centres all have similarities in the number of small children learning and playing in close proximity to each other throughout the day. It’s a constant concern for the facility, and parents/carers that kids can easily pick up and transmit harmful viruses such as Flu, Norovirus or worse.
The Sanondaf Advanced Infection Prevention and Control process is perfect as a preventative measure against the risks presented by infection from cross contamination, and can be used in every area & setting, including:
Play Rooms / Indoor & Outdoor Activity Areas / Baby Rooms
All Toys – including electrical items, books, ball pits
All Equipment – including prams, cots, high chairs
All Computers / Tablets / Keyboards & Mice / Phones
Eating & Sleeping Areas / Toilet & Washing Areas / Changing Areas
Staff Rooms / Manager’s Offices / Kitchen & Laundry facilities

We are delighted to have discovered Sanondaf as the system takes our Infection Control procedures to a whole new level. Operating a children’s nursery from a multi-purpose building has many challenges, cross contamination/infection control being a major one. Simply put, this system takes us to 0.01% germ free. Regardless of how good our cleaners are and how thorough our infection control procedures are, we just could not achieve this level ourselves. Regular use helps to keep the level extremely low. The Post Treatment Reports are also very useful records. Ian and his team are also a joy to work with – nothing is too much trouble and they have a very good understanding of what our sector requires. Peace of mind all round!

Gillian Robertson, Owner, Headstart Nursery, Glasgow